Common Swimming Pool Plumbing Problems

Swimming pool problems might be tricky and hard to detect, it’s very crucial to handle very quickly. The problems may occur due to many reasons including mechanical issues, structural damage, plumbing, broken Pipes, and loose or broken fittings. Sometimes you can resolve the issue just by correcting a chemical imbalance using the basic tools. But for serious problems, call a professional to solve the issue quickly.

Here are the common swimming pool problems,

Buildup Of Dirt And Debris

Dirt and Debris are usually formed if the pool is not maintained or cleaned properly. If this issue is left, then clogs can form and affect the entire pool filtration system. Debris will get into the pool plumbing valves and block the system.

Use a pool net to skim your pool frequently which removes debris Or make a call to a swimming pool repair professional as they will clean the pool’s filtration system perfectly to avoid the buildup of dirt.

Filter Pressure Changes

If the pool water must be in a good condition, the filter should work properly. If you notice an increase in filter pressure it may be caused by dirt, algae, or other debris. On the contrary, if you notice a decrease in filter pressure then it may be caused due to trapped air, clogs, or misplaced valve settings. 

Pool Plumbing Leaks

Probably a leak will cause a high water bill, if left unnoticed then it can become a larger issue which in turn requires completely replacing the ground pool plumbing system or drain.

There are a number of different leaks that can cause pool plumbing problems.

Pressure side leaks

Pool equipment such as filter, heater, pump, or chlorinator can leak water. This is due to the leaks in pipes and fittings that connect the pool and pool equipment. Fixing this may be hard from the inside and outside so call a plumber.

Underground leaks

Underground pool pipes get damaged by tree roots, soil, and settling decks. Call a plumber and inspect the pipelines overall to detect the repairs.

Suction side leaks

This leak will bring air into the pipes when it is on and leak water when the pipe is off. Use pool putty or silicone for repairing, this can hold the water leaks only for a short time. Call a pool repairman to replace the pipes and fittings.

How do I know if my pool is leaking?

  • Cracks in your pool surface or pool deck
  • Loose, cracked, or shifting pool tiles
  • Sudden change in water level
  • Unusually high water bills
  • Algae growth in the pool
  • Standing water under pool equipment
  • Corroding pipes.

Avoid huge damages by detecting the issue early using the above tips.

Swimming pools are the best relaxing spot to beat the heat in summer. Leaks can happen anywhere in the pool, be cautious and watch for any signs of leaks.